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Investor in Norway – OCE Fruit Storage

Investor description

Brief description:



Controlled atmosphere storage (CA) involves an attentive process of controlling gases within the large storage rooms. These rooms must be sealed in order to keep fruit just as fresh as the day it was picked. Accurate control of the temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity are all important elements in fruit storage. Controlled atmosphere storage for fruit storage is a non-chemical process. Controlling the oxygen levels in the storage containers is most successful by introducing the infusion of nitrogen gas

Investor Background

What is your background or area of expertise:






Investment or Business Wanted Criteria

How much ownership (%) are you looking for: Partner

Do you want to finance the business: yes

Minimum number of years business should be established: 1

Do you want to rent or own the building(s): yes

Location Criteria

Country: Norway

Province/State: Oslo Fylke

Cities: Oslo

Financial Criteria

Purchase Price Range: 2,000,000-12,000,000

Revenue Range: -

EBITDA Range: -